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The Tax Awards 2011 – Congratulations to all the winners and nominees from at BLT!

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The LexisNexis Tax Awards made their debut in 2001 and quickly became widely recognised as a standard of excellence within the tax sector. It’s a major annual event in the industry’s calendar and is considered by many to be the Oscars of the Tax world! It’s a glittering awards ceremony, held at the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane and usually attended by around 700 tax professionals and those linked to the sector through the accountancy and legal professions, government, charities and support industries. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with people they may not have seen all year, whilst celebrating the achievements of friends and colleagues.

This year the event was held on the 26th May and I think it’s fair to say that everyone had a fantastic night. There was a great atmosphere , undoubtedly as a result of more confidence in the market, and the sense of having survived a tough couple of years. We started with a drinks reception overlooking Hyde Park, followed by a meal in the Grand Ballroom. Entertainment was provided by the comedian Sean Lock and the awards were presented by Natasha Kaplinsky. For those wanting to party into the early hours, the bar stayed open and there was a charity casino and a disco. Quite a line up, I’m sure you’ll agree!

BLT has sponsored the Best VAT team award since 2001and we are proud to celebrate the achievement of the winners and nominees. This year the McGrigors VAT team was the well deserved winner of the award. The team has been in the forefront of group litigation, and right at the heart of some very important VAT issues.

We’d also like to congratulate Graham Elliot, a VAT specialist who was awarded Tax Writer of the year. Graham was praised as a writer who does not just accept the status quo, and who manages to make VAT interesting!

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Successful careers; to plan or not to plan?

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A recent report suggests that CFOs consider that young consulting and finance professionals don’t plan their long-term career properly.

But are careers better for being carefully constructed at the outset or is an element of serendipity important?

Have you noticed that when very successful senior people talk about their career they often say the same things?

1. Someone – usually a parent or close relative – said or acted in a way that spurred them on

• “My father told me that there was nothing a man could do that a woman couldn’t”

• “My mother wasn’t allowed to go to university”

• “I didn’t want to end up like my dad”

2. They remember a teacher or other adult authority figure who inspired them, supported them or simply stopped them from throwing away an opportunity.

3. They recall a particularly demanding manager who frustrated them, and reminds them how not to behave now that they are the boss

4. They believe it is ok to make mistakes; but to learn from them. And ‘fessing up is the only way forward!

4. They acquire and very much value a mentor

5. They admit they didn’t have a plan; it “just happened”.

These comments are crucially important because they evidence the self-awareness and “common touch” that is pivotal to senior level success.

However, the reality is probably somewhere in between; success didn’t really “just happen”. The person worked hard, raised their profile, found themselves “in the right place at the right time” and acted on it by taking up a challenge; be that a move to a role they are not sure they were fully qualified for, a significant relocation or cultural change, or investment in a new qualification or technical specialism.

All successful people mention the how important support, sponsorship and teamwork have been; that they are keen to “give back” by championing others coming up the ranks, and that they have learnt the value of personal reward beyond the financial or hierarchical.

Do you agree? If not, why? What is your experience?

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